Rifle League

Our Rifle Range has pits at 200 and 300 yards and Clangers at 400, 500 and 600 yards.

Due to passage of the NYS SAFE ACT, there has been a lack of interest in the Rifle League, therefore until interest resumes or repeal of the NYS SAFE ACT, there will be no Rifle League.

Dear fellow club members: I have built two bench rests for the rifle range, and have dropped them off and donate them to the Club today. I have also built a target mounting board for the 600 yard target, and installed it. (However, I need to cut off 12” or so on the legs – I planned on driving them into the ground, but the ground is too stony to accomplish that, so I need to shorten them.) I hope all of the club members make good use of these items. Good shooting, Bob Hahn


                                                       400 yd


                   500 yd                                                    600 yd

Dear Fellow Members: I just wanted to let my fellow members know that I have made a donation to the Club’s Rifle Range, hopefully for all fellow Members to enjoy. I have built wooden Target Boards for the 400 and 500 yard target areas, and have placed them so that paper targets may be hung below the existing steel targets. I have also purchased steel gongs for the 400, 500, and 600 yard areas. I have placed an 8” GONG at 400, a 10” GONG at 500, and a
12” GONG at 600. This will allow 2 M.O.A. targets at those distances, which should be challenging, but readily achievable. The gongs are 1/2” AR500 STEEL, which will be good for just about anything anybody chooses to shoot without denting. (I made a slight miscalculation on the size of mounting bracket I would need for the 400 yard post, meaning that the gong is turning/racked and is presently being straightened by an inserted stick. I will buy and use a suitable mounting bracket upon my next visit to correct this issue.)
I hope all rifle shooters will enjoy the new target choices available.

I notice from the last Newsletter that the club is looking for gong purchase options for the Plinking Range. Here are some options where gongs may be purchased at reasonable prices:



Best wishes for good shooting,

Bob Hahn

PS: Bob also plans to build a Target Board for the 600 yard location when time permits.

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