Range Safety Rules


Occasionally, members bring a hand thrower for clay targets up to the trap fields to shoot some birds. They could not access the red range safety flag as it was locked up in the low skeet house for field #1. Therefore, the concern was that other members might not realize they were up there, and use one of the outdoor bullet ranges, thereby placing someone in harms way.
The Olean Rod & Gun Club board of directors asked the firing range safety committee to look into the possibility of making the red range safety flag for the trap/skeet fields accessible to anyone that did not have a key to the lock on the low skeet house where the flag was stored.
As such, another red, range box has since been added that now contains the range safety flag for all of the trap and skeet fields. It's located right next to the flag pole and it is unlocked. Hopefully it can remain unlocked, barring any further vandalism.   JR


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