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At the June 6th, 2016 Monthly Meeting, after much discussion, it was proposed that 2017 Annual Dues be increased from $25 to $35. In accordance with club rules, the proposal will be posted at the gun club until a special July 11th meeting at which time the membership will vote yay or nay. If the vote is yay, the increase will be effective Oct. 31, 2016. The proposed Annual Dues increase to $35 was passed by the members present and will become effective Oct. 31, 2016.

bareyesLucky Buck Tickets for 2018 were available at the November, 2017 meeting at the clubhouse. They will be mailed to you if you were not in attendance. You can also order them from Carole McNall by emailing her at

The 2015 Gerald Manzo / Bill Freeman Memorial Trap Shoot raised $851 for ST. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Thirty-Eight shooters participated in the event.


Dear Member,

A few friendly reminders: 1) No plastic/glass/tin of any kind on any of the outdoor ranges. Whatever you bring as a target – take it with you when you leave. 2) Dues are due and will be accepted through December 31, each year. If you are not paid by the first meeting in January you will be removed from the active membership list and must re-join as a new member. 3) Lucky Buck tickets have been picked up or mailed. Remember to get them sold and stubs and money returned as soon as possible. 4) The combination to all ranges and the club house will not change until January 1st. Continue to use the number on your white membership card through the end of the year. 5) Watch the web-site for information on the after Christmas Party in January.

The Board of Directors 11/01/14

The following change to the ORGC by-laws, was approved by the members at the March 4, 2013 general meeting.

A recommendation was made to the board of directors on 2/18/13.  The motion would require new members of the Club to serve a probationary period of one year before acquiring voting privileges.  The motion was passed unanimously.  This will require a change to the by-laws.  The section affected would be:
 Section 4 – Rights and Privileges of Members
A)     Any member in good standing shall have the right to:        
    2. Register his/her vote on any motion;
This would be amended to read:  2. Register his/her vote on any motion after being a member in good standing of the Club for a period of one year.

The following change to the ORGC by-laws, was approved by the members at the December 3, 2012 general meeting.

F) Any member violating the Rules and Regulations of the Constitution, By-Laws, and Provisions of the Club will receive a letter from the Board of Directors demanding his presence to explain his actions. Such actions may lead to dismissal from the Club. Any member refusing to appear or submit in writing his reasons for such actions may be dismissed from the club by a majority vote of at a regular meeting. In any case, dismissal must be by a majority vote at a regular meeting. All dues paid by such member shall be forfeited. “Any member dismissed or suspended in the past or present will not be allowed on Club property or at Club functions.”

The following information is copied from the December 2011-January 2012 Newsletter, titled "Range sign-in rules change".

Members will notice some new procedures when they sign in to use Club ranges. The changes, effective immediately, were the work of a Firing Range Safety Committee named in December. The new rules were announced at the January meeting.

This is unchanged: Members must sign in and out inside the clubhouse when using any Club property and non-members must be with a member to use the Club grounds. A non-member on the property without a Club member is trespassing and can be arrested.

The new rules change the location where members must sign in while using the ranges across Wayman Branch Road from the clubhouse. Shooters at the trap and skeet fields must sign in at the trap building. Those using the rifle range or the outdoor pistol range will sign-in at their respective ranges.

The red safety flag for the trap and skeet ranges will be stored inside the power building between the trap and skeet fields. ONLY the person opening the range will be responsible for raising the flag, turning the power on, lowering the flag, returning it to the power building and turning the power off. (Amendment effective Sunday, July 22, 2012)

Locked red plastic range boxes will be located near both the rifle range and the outdoor pistol range. The first four digits of the clubhouse combination will be used to open the range boxes. Life members will receive 2012 membership cards so they have the combination for this year. The range boxes will contain the sign-in books and red range safety flags. Shooters at each range are expected to put the red flag up before shooting, then return it and the sign-in book to the box when they are finished.

On all ranges,shooters are expected to pick up spent brass and remove trash when they are done. Both the rifle and outdoor pistol ranges are closed when the trap/skeet fields are in use or when work is being done down range.

The Club has two trap and two skeet fields, but only two (either the trap or the skeet) can be used at the same time due to safety concerns.

Scheduled trap shooting is held Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m. year round, except for the first week of  New York State deer (gun) season. Skeet shooting begins the first Thursday in April at 9 a.m. and continues until bad weather. All shoots are open to the public.

Members should continue to sign in and out inside the clubhouse when using the clubhouse, the indoor pistol range, the fish pond or the archery range.

The clubhouse, including the pool table, is available for member use except during monthly meetings or other special meetings or events. The indoor pistol range is also used for scheduled league shoots, held Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at 7 p.m., from October through mid-April.

Members using the indoor range are expected to clean up spent brass and used targets."Dud" ammunition should be placed in the container provided or taken with the member.

The fish pond is stocked with sunfish, crappie and bass. Fishing is on a catch-and-release basis only. A New York State license is required.

An archery range is located behind the main clubhouse. No broad heads are allowed.

Members violating range flag and sign-in policies will face club penalties. A first time violator will lose his or her shooting privileges on ALL Club ranges for one month. After that month, the member must appear before the board of directors to ask for reinstatement.

Second-time offenders will lose their membership for at least one year. Dues paid will not be refunded. Life members will face similar penalties if they violate the policies.

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